Aeo Executive Desk

Aeo Executive Desk

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AEO is one of the new generation office furniture models developed for modern and glittering design and management areas. Aeo executive desk provides the most comfortable space for the user. 

AEO executive desk are a functional product developed for senior executives, organizing all modules around the user to create an active workspace. The minimalist lines in the table design provide a modern look. Offering a spacious and comfortable desk, the product also provides a convenient space with the ethernet extension next to the desk. A functional working group was created with the library and coffee table attachment suitable for the design. 


Technical Information:

Dimensions of AEO Executive Office are as follows.


The product is made of 1st grade chipboard and all edges are made of impact resistant with PVC edge band. 

Bingo foot was used to prevent contact with the ground at a height of 2 cm in all feet. 

Glass covers of the team library are 6mm thick frosted glass.

Drawer and wardrobe system are available in the table etej.

All office tools are guaranteed for 2 years.


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