Bella Executive Chairs

Bella Executive Chairs

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Bella's executive chair is one of the functional and comfortable operating seats you can evaluate in every area you need in your office with its economic price.

Bella executive chairs are economical and functional working areas for working areas. With its ergonomic structure, the Bella series, which organizes the ideal working environment for its user, can be fixed in the most suitable position to the session position with its powerful damper attachment. Back and session parts are used in air mesh.With its stretching feature, the mesh floor provides the closest position to the back position, while providing a comfortable session area and lumbar support.


Technical Information:

  1. Bella executive chair session was used 4 cm thick cast sponge. Air mesh is used in the seat upholstery. 
  2. The headrest attachment is available in the executive chairs and provides neck support.
  3. Chair arms and feet are made of hard black plastic material. 
  4. Hard plastic tapered wheeled feet are used in the seats. 
  5. No color change in the chairs.
  6. The seat has a multitilt mechanism. It can be adjusted up and down and can be fixed at the desired point.
  7. All manager seats are guaranteed for 2 years.
  8. Product code: BLA-004

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