Beta Executive Desk

Beta Executive Desk

Price : $1,773.83  + VAT
Vat included : $1,915.74

The Beta executive desk offers a modern and functional work space for your office. With its simple design, the desk table offers an aesthetic appearance in management areas. It provides the best working area for its user with its ergonomic design.

Beta; The management area is developed with the special design you know that reflects the power. The Beta executive desk aims to provide the user with the most comfortable and coordinated workspace. The office design, which integrates simple design with functional functions, has shaped the entire layout around the user for quality workflow. The integrity of the desk and desk as well as all the hardware needed by the user during the workflow. TThe built-in Beta file cabinet provides a large storage space and a harmonious appearance in decoration. 

The electrical system in the desk holder offers all the data required by the user in a single space. Thus, the cable outlets can be arranged and the area can be avoided.

Technical Information:

The dimensions of the Beta Executive Office are as follows.

The product is made of 1st grade chipboard and all edges are made of PVC edge band.

Product desk table, desk table and file file cabinet consists of.

Bingo foot was used in all modules to prevent contact with ground.

Next to the table there is an ethernet extension. There is 1 electric input cable channel in the elevator.

The product is made of anthracite and baroque colors. Preferably color change is possible.

All office tools are guaranteed for 2 years.


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