Blok Exevutive Desk

Blok Exevutive Desk

Price : $2,686.92  + VAT
Vat included : $2,901.87

With its amazing and functional details, Blok series is one of the office furniture models designed for your management areas. The reinforced design with modern details offers powerful working areas.

The Blok Executive Desk is equipped with details that reflect your power in the management areas. Behind the desk, the panel-view cabinets are made clear by the LED lights, eliminating the appearance of the file. With different details, the executive desk gathers the workspace around the user. The product has a large work table to provide a large working area and also offers an alternative space for the user with the ethernet extension. The cable duct available in the trolley offers easy access to all electrical components needed during operation. 

Office furniture, which can be used for many years with its quality material, brings today's details to your office with its modern design. You can decorate your office projects with different sizes and colors. 


Technical Information:

The dimensions of the Blok Executive Team are as follows.

Desk : 270cm*200cm*75cm H

File Cabinet : 70cm*55cm*220cm H

The product is made of 1st class Mdflam material and all edges are made of impact resistant with PVC edge band. 

The file cabinets of the product are added in different quantities according to the working area. 

Desk front table suitable for product design.

All office furniture is guaranteed for 2 years.





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