Boss Executive Chairs

Boss Executive Chairs

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Boss manager chair is a special series designed for active work areas. You can have a design that is compatible with your office furniture in your management areas. 

Boss is an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable and healthy session shape to the user with its design which is suitable for back structure. Fully user-oriented details can be used to adjust the positions of the manager's seat and the working area.One of the most powerful designs of the new generation of office furniture is the strengthened design with different mechanisms.  The headrest support in the manager's seat does not give the user the feeling of discomfort even during long working hours and supports head and shoulder movements.


Technical Information:

  1. Boss müdür koltuğunda sabit başlık desteği mevcuttur.
  2. Hard plastic material was used in the arm and feet of the chair.
  3. Product with synchronous mechanism. Up-down can be adjusted. 
  4. The product can be laid in different colors and fabrics. You can contact our customer representatives for your change requests. 
  5. All office furniture models are guaranteed for 2 years.
  6. Product code: BSS01-111