Gloss Meeting Table
Gloss Meeting Table
Gloss Meeting Table
Gloss Meeting Table

Gloss Meeting Table

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The Glooss meeting table creates a pleasant meeting space with a modern and functional design. The glossy material provides light to the workspace and provides a dynamic environment.

Gloss meeting table has a glossy structure with high gloss material. With its modern design, the Gloss meeting table series carrying today's design lines provides an aesthetic appearance. Specially designed table legs dominate the design. Produced with new materials developed in the field of office furniture, the product provides a productive working space with functional details. For all participants, the cable trays used on the desktop provide an environment free of cable confusion throughout the interview. With this plug-in you can edit both cable transitions and provide an easy-to-access area.


Technical Information:

  1. Gloss meeting table dimensions are 270 cm * 120 cm * 75 h ..
  2. The product is made of 1st class high gloss material. All edges are resistant to impacts with PVC edge band. 
  3. High gloss mdf is a coated material. The floor is extra bright. 
  4. Feet are chrome plated metal feet. 
  5. 2 cable channels are included in the meeting table. 
  6.  All office furniture is guaranteed for 2 years. 


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