IZ02 Izle Office Desk

IZ02 Izle Office Desk

Price : $271.55  + VAT
Vat included : $293.27

Izle multiple worktable series is a modular series that creates collective workspaces for team work. Working with different color and size options provides the most suitable image for your offices.

IzleThe two-person work desk creates productive workspaces for teamwork and crowded staff groups. You can create collective workspaces with multiple work tables. Watch series has models that produce solutions for many areas with different product groups. The product, which provides a combination of work for teamwork, also creates personal work desks for users with the help of divider panels.

Technical Information:

  1. Izle 2-work table is 160cm * 160cm * 160cm * 75h.
  2. The work table is made of 1st grade chipboard and all edges are made of impact resistant with PVC edge band.
  3. Table board thickness is 30mm.
  4. There is 1 divider panel on the working table. The dividing panels are made of chipboard.
  5. The desk is designed for 2 people to work.
  6. The product is not included in the caisson.
  7. All worktable models are guaranteed for 2 years.



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