Karem Office Table With Cupboard

Karem Office Table With Cupboard

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Karem cupboard is designed for users who want to have productive and modern office designs. The cupboard workstation with ergonomic design with file cabinet attachment helps you organize the entire work area around you.

Karem work table series is one of the modular office table systems which you can evaluate in crowded offices or in areas where teamwork is intense. Karem designs functional workspaces with alternatives to form a single work table and a space for more and more people to work. With its simple form, Karem work tables organize the entire workflow around the user. Karem single desk is one of the modular office furniture you can use in your office with its dimensions and simple form.


Technical Information:

  1.  Karem work table is 160cm * 80cm * 75h.
  2. Karem table top is made of 18mm thick chipboard and all edges are resistant to impacts with PVC edge band.
  3. 80 * 40 * 75 h file cabinet under the table is available.
  4. You can contact our customer representatives for different color options.
  5. Metal profile foot is used on the table leg.
  6. The bingo foot was used to prevent contact with the ground at the table leg.
  7. All work desks are guaranteed for 2 years.

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