KR02 Karem Office Desk

KR02 Karem Office Desk

Discount Rate : %15 Discount
Vat included : $266.67
Discounted : $206.06  + VAT
Vat included : $226.67

From the range of modular office furniture designed for productive offices, Karem designs functional and comfortable offices for staff work areas.

Karem series is designed for productive offices with simple form, creating business-oriented offices, creating suitable spaces for team work and creating different working systems in a different way. Karem staff desks are completely free from the heavy furniture appearance in the office thanks to its simple form, so you can decorate a space that is not easy to see even in crowded working environments. It creates a collective space for teamwork with a multi-run system that allows multiple employees to work together.

Karem work table can be designed according to the number of users. In addition, all workplaces provide individual work areas for each user with the help of divider panels. In this way, you can experience the convenience of working together and create custom fields.

Technical Information:

  1. Karem Double Working Table measures 140 * 140 * 75h. You can contact customer representatives for changes in size.
  2. One divider panel is included in the product.
  3. The product is made of 1st grade chipboard and all edges are made of PVC edge band.
  4. Price does not include caisson.
  5. Work table legs are made of profile metal stand.
  6. All office furniture is guaranteed for 2 years.




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