Line Manager Desk
Line Manager Desk
Line Manager Desk
Line Manager Desk
Line Manager Desk

Line Manager Desk

Price : $781.58  + VAT
Vat included : $844.11

Line is one of the functional and aesthetic designs among economic office furniture models. The product you can evaluate in management areas provides a high quality and stylish appearance.

The Line manager table set, which has optional features in accordance with the need and demand, is designed for high-level management areas. Office furniture consisting of 5 modules provides an ergonomic work space. Line is a special design that can meet all needs within the office with its simple design. 

The office desk set is designed to provide a user-oriented workplace with desk, cupboard, coffee table and whatnot add-ons. With its quality material and cleverly designed functional structure, it has all the facilities that senior managers need during the operation.


Technical Information:

1. The dimensions of the Line management team are as follows. 

   Desk : 200*80*75h

   File Cabinet : 200*40*95h

  Caisson : 50*40*55h

2. Table set is made of 1st grade chipboard and the edges are taped with PVC tape.

3. Table set consists of 5 modules.

4. You can contact our customer representatives for color and size changes.

5. All office furniture is guaranteed for 2 years. 


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