Litos Executive Desk

Litos Executive Desk

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With its distinct design, the Litos Executive Desk offers an unorthodox look for your work space. You can have different options with this special series in which you can reflect your management power in your working area.

Litos a brand new design in the management desks category! Office furniture with its classic line and a different look in the work space is a series of leather details that can reflect your personal taste in full. You can have your dream office design with different color options. With its ergonomic design, it designs work-oriented workspaces for its user. Management areas are one of the most important places where the company can reflect its visibility, business idea and discipline. Litos Executive Desk aims to answer your needs in every field with its different design that reflects the brand identity.


Technical Information

The dimensions of the Litos Executive Team are as follows.


Litos is produced by applying lacquer paint on wood material. Different material options are available. 

All office furniture models are guaranteed for 2 years. 


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