Lukens Executive Desk
Lukens Executive Desk
Lukens Executive Desk

Lukens Executive Desk

Price : $2,007.08  + VAT
Vat included : $2,167.65

With its classic design and strong appearance, Lukens executive desk has a stable stance for your management areas. Developed for your management areas, the Wood Lukens executive desk set is a classic model that you can evaluate in every field with its minimal structure. 

Developed for users who want to present a classic look in their work area, the Lukens office suite is a special series that combines old design details with today's functionality. The office desk set developed for management areas provides a classic look. Made of wood, the polished chair set is a classic suit with color and texture. Designed with the classic office furniture, the design of the work area reflects the perfect harmony with the specially designed Lukens leather details. 

A stable, strong and clear stance is important in management areas. In the design of Lukens you can see all these details. It is a strong table set with its structure as well as being strong in design. The ergonomic form is designed to organize the entire workflow around the user. 


Technical Information

 Lukens Executive Desk dimensions are as follows. 


Lukens executive desk is walnut polished wooden chair set on beech. 

There are 4 drawers in the table. 

3 compartments of leather were used on the desk. 

Team; desk, file cabinet, table, side table and coffee table. 

All office tools are guaranteed for 2 years. 

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