Natural Executive Desk

Natural Executive Desk

Natural Executive Office; is a special series designed for functional and powerful management areas.

Natural Executive Desk; Its simple and modern design offers a strong appearance for management areas. In offices with active and intensive workflows, the product that provides a collective working area for its user is designed with details that are completely facing the user. Natural series, which has a large work table, is produced in an extremely large and simple form so as not to hinder the work area during the work process. With an additional office cabinet, a large storage space is provided and the whole design is presented. 

The desk add-on used under the desk provides an ergonomic and collective work space for the user.

The Natural Executive Desk of authorities around all the add-ons needed throughout the business process; With its modern design, management will provide a privileged view for your areas.


Technical Information:

1.     The dimensions of the Natural Office Tool are as follows.


2. Table set is made of 1st grade chipboard and all edges are taped with PVC edge band.

3. Table set consists of 4 modules.

4. All office furniture is guaranteed for 2 years.




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