Next Executive Desk
Next Executive Desk
Next Executive Desk
Next Executive Desk
Next Executive Desk

Next Executive Desk

Discount Rate : %20 Discount
Vat included : $1,416.67
Discounted : $1,030.30  + VAT
Vat included : $1,133.33

Next the executive desk can provide a new generation look for your office with new design. The modern executive desk is a completely user-oriented office furniture model.

A brand new model for your office Next! Fully user-centric control of the office desk set within the workspace user. ÇWhile creating a personal space on the work desk, you can also have a meeting table for small conversations. The side-off module, positioned under the table, has the functionality to store all the materials that should be at your fingertips. 
With the modern, stylish and functional Next manager team, you can easily reflect your power in the management area.You have the chance to use the different decoration options in your office with different color options!

Technical Information:

  • The table tops are 42mm thick and are made of melamine material.
  • Office furniture legs are painted with metal foot, bingo is available on the feet. Prevents your desk from touching the ground.
  • For the price of the table tool: office desk, file cabinet, table side counter and office stand.
  • Different color and size options are available. You can send your change requests by clicking here.
  • All office furniture models are guaranteed for 2 years.


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