Next Mesh Executive Chairs

Next Mesh Executive Chairs

Price : $165.29  + VAT
Vat included : $178.51

With the Next series you can also design stylish living areas for working offices. With mesh and leather options you can create an aesthetic workspace. 

The next mesh executive chair is a very stylish design with a chrome case. Designs comfortable seating areas for management areas with aesthetic and elegant lines. Featuring a comfortable session space for the user with its rigid mesh flooring, Next offers an ergonomic session area with shock absorbers in its design.The comfort and elegance of the Next series of office chairs can be evaluated in many areas with the option of working chair and guest chair.

Technical Information:

  1. Next Mesh Executive Chair; It is furnished with hard mesh, different color options are available. You can contact our customer representatives for color changes.
  2. Arm and feet are made of chrome material.
  3. Office chair can be adjusted up-down mechanism is available. Can be fixed at the desired point.
  4. All office chairs are guaranteed for 2 years.



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