Noble Manager Desk

Noble Manager Desk

Price : $849.53  + VAT
Vat included : $917.50

The most elegant and aesthetic design in office furniture manager desks The Noble range offers a different working space for your senior employees. 

Noble series is one of the newest and most modern office furniture designs designed for senior managers. The Noble series, which can be produced in the form of staff tables, helps in the design of the office in accordance with the hierarchical structure within the working area. The Noble series, which can be shaped according to the needs, can be optimized for the working environment and can be evaluated in many different places. 


Technical Information:

1.     Noble Manager Desk is as follows. 

Desk : 220*160*75h

File Cabinet : 200*40*80h

2.     Work table and coffee table pillar are made of chrome material. Color option available, you can contact our customer representatives.

3.     Additional table six caisson drawer and wardrobe extension was used on the work table.

4.     The cable duct on the elevator can be arranged with electrical components according to the demand. 

5.     Product is guaranteed for 2 years.



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