Pure Manager Desk
Pure Manager Desk
Pure Manager Desk

Pure Manager Desk

Price : $791.03  + VAT
Vat included : $854.31

The Pure manager desk offers an impressive work space in your management areas with its simple, functional and modern design. Designed to provide the most active business space to its users, the office executive desk team is building productive offices. 

Pure office executive desk; It is equipped with functional attachments that you can control the intensive workflow in the management areas. It provides a completely user-centric space, combined with simple lines. The executive desk, which aims to organize the workflow around the user, provides this with six caisson plug-ins. In addition, modular cable trays located in the shelter allow you to control the cable outlets by moving the electrical layout required in the workspace to your nearest. 

The most remarkable detail of the design is the metal black painted table leg. The detail with a simple line provides a modern image. It is perfectly matched with the caisson feet designed on the same line. 


Technical Information: 

1.     Pure office executive table set is made of 1st grade chipboard and all edges are made of impact resistant with PVC edge band. Masa ayakları metal siyah boyalıdır. 

2.      Table thicknesses are 42mm. 

3.     There are table-mounted table-mounted switchboards. 

4.     Gray aluminum cable tray with module on the elevator. Cable channel content includes 1 internet, 1 HDIM, 1 telephone and plug input. 

  1. All office furniture is guaranteed for 2 years.



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