Radius Executive Desk

Radius Executive Desk

Price : $4,158.80  + VAT
Vat included : $4,491.50

With its classic and modern design, Radius executive desk is one of the best options for your office with its power and stability.

Radius executive desk team is one of the special series that can adapt to every field and concept with its classic and modern line. Designed for management areas, the product draws attention with its special curves. It also offers an active workspace for the product user who is designed for the category of executive desks within the office furniture groups. The product, which is designed with the harmony of different materials, is enriched with leather, wood and metal details. Developed in a form to adapt to the trends of each period, the product will provide the best solutions in long working hours with its ergonomic structure.


Technical Information:

The measurements of the Radius Executive Desk Team are as follows.


Radius Executive Desk is a natural coated product.

Desk front table suitable for product design.

All office furniture designs are guaranteed for 2 years.


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