Radius Meeting Table

Radius Meeting Table

Price : $1,912.63  + VAT
Vat included : $2,065.64

With the other members of the Radius series, you can experience the weight of the classic line and the comfort of the functionality during the interview.

If you want to create a stylish and functional space for the meeting participants, the Radius meeting table is a powerful design that will respond to what you need. Radius, which creates a common decoration perception with its classic and modern office design, provides a comfortable process for all participants with the functional details it offers in the meeting model. Cable outlet boxes placed on the table tray contains all the electrical inputs needed during the meeting. Cable boxes that are added up to the number of people also organize the cable outlets.


Technical Information:

  1. Radius Meeting Table dimensions 480cm * 130cm * 75h
  2. The product is natural coated and consists of completely wooden material. 
  3. 8 module cable outlet boxes with aluminum frame on the table are available.
  4. All office furniture is guaranteed for 2 years. 

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