Relax Mesh Executive Chairs

Relax Mesh Executive Chairs

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The lounge chair with the Relax net organizes functional and comfortable seating areas in the working areas. The ergonomic design provides a fully user-oriented seating area and the office chair sets up comfortable working areas.

The Relax manager chair designs functional and productive workspaces and designs the most comfortable workspace for its users. With the title plugin available in the manager's seat, it provides the best working area for the user's session position. The back section also provides lumbar support to the waist forum in the most convenient way during the serial use of the net. Seat arms with hard plastic adjustment arm is used. The manager seat can be fixed to the user's session position optimally by using different shock absorbers.


Technicial Specifications:

  1.  4 cm thick cast sponge is used in the chair chair of Relax net chair and it is covered with fabric. Flooring type interchangeable.
  2. The back section of the seat uses hard netting.
  3. 3 different shock absorbers are used in the seat. Up-down adjustment, waist adjustment and swing damper are used and can be fixed at the desired point.
  4. The seat frame is made of hard plastic material.
  5. Seat legs are metal chrome plated tapered feet. Seat handles are adjustable plastic arm.
  6. All manager seats are guaranteed for 2 years.
  7. Product Code: RX-01

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