Vitara Executive Desk
Vitara Executive Desk
Vitara Executive Desk

Vitara Executive Desk

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Vitara is a product with modern lines designed for top level managers. Vitara is a powerful office suite for your office.

An office furniture that reflects you will be one of the best choices for your management space. Thanks to its wall unit, the Vitara executive desk provides a large space to reflect your personal tastes. In addition, the plug-in work desk provides you with a large area that you need throughout the business process. With its wall unit, desk and table, the Vitara executive desk set is a modern design that reflects your power in your management space. 

Vitara series, which provides a lot of convenience to the user, is produced with the idea of establishing business oriented offices. The table located at the bottom of the table provides the electrical components needed by the user thanks to the cable channel. Also this plug-in plugin provides an easy-to-access storage space in the workspace. The wall unit is designed according to the dimensions of the room. You can specify this field with details that reflect you.




Technical Information: 

1.     The dimensions of the Vitara office are as follows.

Desk : 220cm*100cm*75cm H

Wall Unit : 400cm*40cm*270cm H

2. The suite is made of 1st class chipboard and all edges are taped with PVC edge band.

3. The wall unit used in the makams team is produced specially for the working area. 

4. All office furniture products are guaranteed for 2 years.


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