Win Executive Desk
Win Executive Desk
Win Executive Desk
Win Executive Desk

Win Executive Desk

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Full ergonomic office furniture with a work area around Win.It designs business oriented offices with different design and functional structure. The Win executive team, created with different details and different materials, reflects the perfect harmony to your offices.

If you need a different and functional product in your work area, Win executive desks aim to answer all your needs. Designed with a completely business-oriented idea, the product organizes the entire working environment around its user and creates an easy-to-access space within the office during the working period.The product, which was developed with the idea of a new generation of office furniture, was also reinforced with functional details. With its completely modular structure, Ergo series can be evaluated in different forms according to the shape of the office.

The Win executive desk team is a powerful design that will provide the user with a dynamic and modern structure that reflects the offices of the future. Depending on the area of use, the product with the size and color options can take the form that is most suitable for the area.

Technical Information:

Win Administrator Table is as follows.

Win executive table is made of chipboard and all edges are made of impact resistant with PVC edge band.

Table front curtain is made of plexi material.

All office furniture designs are guaranteed for 2 years.


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