Zeren Manager Desk
Zeren Manager Desk
Zeren Manager Desk
Zeren Manager Desk
Zeren Manager Desk

Zeren Manager Desk

Price : $2,466.94  + VAT
Vat included : $2,664.30

Zeren Manager Desk Team is among the aesthetic and modern office furniture models designed for intermediate managers. You can have the most suitable furniture for your office with different color options. 

Zeren Manager Table series is a modern design with specially designed table leg. The product you can carry today's style to your office has a very effective structure to create functional workspaces. The user-oriented structure is equipped with plug-ins to support the workflow. In addition, the design of the file cabinet plug-in provides a dynamic environment for the user and provides a large storage space for the user.

You can have a productive, ergonomic and aesthetic design for your working space with the executive desk set designed for intermediate managers. A different product with specially designed mas feet will turn your work space into pleasure. 


Technical Information:

Zeren Manager Desk measures 200cm * 80cm * 75h. 


Products included in the team; 3 modules as work table, cupboard and coffee table. 

The office table set is made of 1st grade chipboard and all the edges are resistant to impacts with PVC edge band. 

Prices of Venge color visual products are given.

Table legs are made of metal profile.

You can contact us for your request for size and color change.

All office furniture is guaranteed for 2 years. 



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