Enjoy B Executive Chairs

Enjoy B Executive Chairs

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Enjoy a fully ergonomic structure and 8 functional features to the user with the most comfortable and comfortable workspace design.

Enjoy series with 8 functional add-ons can take the position most appropriate to the user's session. The manager's chair, where you can design the work area completely according to the way you work, provides session support from every angle. The product which has a hard mesh in the back part provides lumbar support at 3 different points. In the session, genuine leather was used. You can have both a modern and functional product in the work area and enjoy working in a comfortable area. The office chair, which provides an ergonomic fit with all office furniture, has been developed to design completely business-oriented offices. 


Technical Information:


  1. Enjoy the executive seat backrest made of hard mesh, the section is made of genuine leather.
  2. The seat backrest can be adjusted at 3 different points.
  3. Seat handles are made of polyurethane material and can be adjusted up-down.
  4. Headrest of the executive chair is mobile, can be fixed at the desired point.
  5. Seat legs are made of chrome-plated metal material, conical design and wheel.
  6. Up-down and ski mechanisms are available in the product and can be fixed at the desired point.
  7. All manager seats are guaranteed for 2 years.
  8. Product Code: Enjoy-01